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Case Study by Qquench - Gamified Mental Health Training for Healthcare Professionals

Business Objective

To provide healthcare professionals, including doctors with a gamified mental health training program. The goal is to foster understanding, empathy, and effective treatment approaches for mental health patients, presenting a sensitive topic in an engaging and interactive manner.

Learning Objectives

Develop a deep understanding of mental health conditions and their impact on patients.

Enhance empathy and communication skills to interact sensitively with mental health patients.

Acquire effective treatment strategies and interventions through gamified scenarios.

Learner Profile

Medical practitioners, doctors, interns, and healthcare professionals seeking to enhance their skills in caring for mental health patients.

Learning Principles/Approach/Strategy


A Gamified Mental Health Training Program was developed, featuring interactive modules with scenarios, role-playing games, and decision-based simulations. The content aimed to create an immersive and engaging learning experience for healthcare professionals.

Implementation/ Distribution Process

The training program seamlessly integrated into the healthcare institution's learning platform. Multimedia elements, interactive modules, and downloadable resources ensured accessibility and ease of use for medical professionals.

Learner Assessment

Assessment quizzes after each module, along with performance evaluations in gamified scenarios, measured comprehension and application of mental health treatment strategies. Continuous assessments and debriefing sessions allowed learners to reflect on their interactions.

Business Impact

Resources Used

Mental health professionals, instructional designers, gamification experts, multimedia designers, and the Learning Management System.

Program Learning Hours:

30 minutes

Number of Modules:
1 Gamified module

Tools & Technology Used:

Articulate Storyline, Adobe Animate, Internal Learning Management System.

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