Unconscious Bias

Breaking Barriers:
Journey to Inclusion through Unconscious Bias Training


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Case Study by Qquench - Breaking Barriers: Journey to Inclusion through Unconscious Bias Training

Business Objective

This module was built to address and mitigate unconscious biases within the organization, fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace. The aim was to increase awareness of different types of biases, such as Attribution bias, gender bias, ageism bias, and others, among employees.

Learning Objectives

Define and understand the concept of Unconscious Bias.

Identify and recognize various types of biases.

Develop strategies to minimize and counteract unconscious biases in the workplace.

Standardized training program that can be distributed globally to all employees.

Learner Profile

All employees across different levels and departments within the organization.

Learning Principles/ Approach/ Strategy


The organization collaborated with Qquench to create a comprehensive Unconscious Bias Training Module. The module covered the definition of unconscious bias, detailed explanations of various biases through videos and knowledge checks, and practical strategies to address biases in the workplace.

Implementation/ Distribution Process

The modules were designed and built using Articulate Storyline and then published in HTML5. The training used vibrant graphics in company colors, with videos and exercises blended into a fun and effective eLearning program.

Learner Assessment

Assessment quizzes were integrated into the module, testing the understanding of different biases. Learners were required to apply strategies learned in the module to answer the quiz at the end of the module.

Business Impact

Resources Used

Subject Matter Experts in diversity and inclusion, Instructional Designers, Multimedia Designers, and a Learning Management System

Program Learning Hours:

60 minutes

Number of Modules: 1

Tools & Technology Used:

Articulate Storyline, Adobe Character Animator, Learning Management System.

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